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Don't have much to say really - just a hi :D
I've posted all my [ profile] kradambigbang art now - yipee! you should check out the stories they are amazing:
travel first and lean towards this time by [ profile] annemaris 
spectacular, spectacular by [ profile] pennilesspoet17 

and for [ profile] glambertsbb 
God is a Gambler, the Universe His Casino by [ profile] cydsa 

Check them all out and the other amazing stories at both comms because there is some amazing writing!

I posted a couple of fics:
all i want is you - Kris/Adam AU - R
through your eyes - Kris/Adam - PG-13
high time we make a stand - Kris/Adam - PG-13
burn as brightly as we can - Kris/Tommy - R

I posted some luke/reid icons here too :)

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