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just another ramble from me. cos sometimes its nice to, you know?

Finished reading Breaking Dawn yesterday. And despite what I'd read about people's opinions on it. I actually really loved the book a lot. I have to say when I first started reading, I felt a bit disconnected from the characters since the last book, but I think this book is really where we saw the characters change the most and progress in a way if that makes any sense. My love for Jacob just grew by 100%. He was a character that I really didn't like to begin with but I am happy to say that I was totally wrong and he is just amazing. So yeah for me. Breaking Dawn=Fantastic. Go read the entire Twilight Series if you haven't already.

Ahhh Hollyoaks, Hollyoaks how you make me chuckle. I've been trying to not think about what's coming up next within the John Paul and Kieron storyline, because well I think all the people on my f-list who are fans of the show know exactly what is going to happen next. I realised they aren't back on the screens till the end of August and then two weeks later. Dun dun dunnn. My friend is coming round and we are going to sit and watch the dreaded episode together, and mostly likely cry like big girls. It's so strange how upset I feel about already. I was so excited for Craig coming back as well, but the dreaded spoiler seems to have even ruined that for me.

Having said that, I have loved watching JPK over the last few months, and right now I'm not even looking as to what peoples reactions have been to it, because well it might sound a bit rude, but I don't really care. I think it has been such a fantastic storyline, acted brilliantly by James Sutton and Jake Hendriks, its because of them that I have loved it so much. And we always knew that the likely hood of them having a happily ever after was unlikely, but that didn't stop me loving the two of them together. And what we do have left I have no doubts that it will be fantastic. I might even be able to enjoy Craigydoodles being back. I do hope so.

Good thing is, by the time that has all happened. One Tree Hill should be back on screens and from what I have heard about the new season I have lots of reasons to be smiling. At least one of my ships might get a happily ever after right? RIGHT? If not I am going to find Mark Schwan and hit him over the head with a banana.

Okies, thats enough from me. x


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