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Don't have much to say really - just a hi :D
I've posted all my [ profile] kradambigbang art now - yipee! you should check out the stories they are amazing:
travel first and lean towards this time by [ profile] annemaris 
spectacular, spectacular by [ profile] pennilesspoet17 

and for [ profile] glambertsbb 
God is a Gambler, the Universe His Casino by [ profile] cydsa 

Check them all out and the other amazing stories at both comms because there is some amazing writing!

I posted a couple of fics:
all i want is you - Kris/Adam AU - R
through your eyes - Kris/Adam - PG-13
high time we make a stand - Kris/Adam - PG-13
burn as brightly as we can - Kris/Tommy - R

I posted some luke/reid icons here too :)

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random post just to talk randomness.
I spent the day with my sister today. She has three weeks till baby is due, I think its going to be early though. It's due on 26th December, my guess is the 20th. My brother is insisting that she is going to wait, and ruin Christmas. haha. Nice, Paul. We had such a lazy day, we watched movies and then did a puzzle together. Gosh, when did I turn into an old woman?

Thank you so much for everyones comments on the story I posted last night. You guys are seriously amazing, if ever I have shitty days I'll go read those comments because I think you guys are being a lot nicer to me about my writing than it actually is. But <i>thank you</i>.

Also, major huggles to [ profile] shalowater I got my Details magazine in the post today. Thank you so much, Sandra for sending it to me I really, really appreciate it. I am going to send your Christmas card out in the next few days. I plan on putting a little something from England in there for you :)

Oooh, [ profile] highdreams I got your Christmas card today as well! Everything came at the same time. Can I just say, your letter made me tear up a little bit. I think I must be over emotional or something. You bet we are meeting up, we have our awesomely amazing Adam Lambert FTW2010 meet up remember? haha. ilu, bb <33

I have a random few recs, just a couple of stories I've read over the last week or so that have been just amazing :)

The Alternative To Love by [ profile] honey_wheeler
Danny/Adam. Rated: R.
Easily one of the best Danny/Adam stories I've read. And I think I've gone through and read every single one there is. I know not everyone is keen on this pairing, but I can't see anyone not seeing how beautifully written this is.

I'll Take It By Your Side by [ profile] tinkertoo
Danny/Adam. Rated: R.
Super sad, but I love [ profile] tinkertoo 's writing. It'll probably break your heart but I still recommend reading if you like this pairing.

A Rumour by [ profile] lolitaray
Kris/Adam. Rated: R
I think I went through [ profile] lolitaray 's journal over the last few days and stalked all her stories. Just beautiful, I love her Kris and Adam in this story, and in fact if you haven't already, go read everything she has written and leave beautiful loved filled comments, you won't regret it.

We Are Not Your Friends (We're Here To Eat You) by [ profile] randomeliza
Kris/Adam. (True Blood AU) Rated: NC-17
I just started watching True Blood and I think I was talking about it on Twitter and [ profile] caesaria82 sent me the link to this. I am so happy she did, because this is really good. Even if you don't watch the show, still check it out.

That really is all from me now. <3
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