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hmm. feeling a bit, dunno. meh. better get myself out of that mood though. which I am sure I will by tomorrow.
caught up with OTH and Gossip Girl this morning because I woke up ridiculously early and couldn't get back to sleep.
Gossip Girl )
The lovely James Sutton was back in HOs tonight as well for his last few episodes. I was waiting the entire episode for him to be in it and when he was I wasn't dissappointed. He was amazing. When Niall *eurgh* said he killed Kieron. GUH. His reaction. "No... no... no... I'll kill you..." Please do John Paul. Please do. Kind of sad that after these episodes thats it. hmm. ahh well. I'll enjoy what we have left.


Sep. 1st, 2008 08:46 pm
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Claire the JPCer is back. Bloody JPC. How the hell did they do that?
Okay so yeah she is back. but then the JPK Claire is putting up quite a fight.
I just want all three of them to be together. Bless that effing beautiful hug. Bless Kieron and how effing heartbroken he looked. And just bless John Paul because is so beautiful. And Craig because well he is just Craig.
never thought I'd say this, but I agree with Cindy. What the HELL is Steph doing? Does she really believe Max would be happy with her choice? hell no he wouldn't. My Niall hate is of course as strong as ever. =)

ahh. JPC. JPK. How I love you both so much *sigh*
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wake me up when september ends.
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so here it is, September is only a day away.... and dun dun dun. Craigydoodles is making his return. So I shan't jump in and join with the fan girl screaming because well yeah. no. but I shall say I am looking forward to seeing Mr Burnet back in HOs. He will of course be as amazing as usual.

I of course, am most looking forward to seeing Mr Hendriks last week. I think I've already said it about a million times but I don't care I am going to keep on saying, he has been phenomonal *I spelt that wrong pscht* since he joined this show. Anyone who wants to disagree I will challenge you right now to a duel. yeah I'm kidding. lol. For me he has just made watching HOs the last few months, that with of course the obvious Mr Sutton. I surely didn't need to say that? *sigh* James Sutton. Anyways more about him in a mo. I am going to miss him being on the show, with his wonderfully goofyness/awkward/geeky portrayal of Kieron and I know I am not the only one. For all the haters there are a billion lovers. *okay not a billion, but quite a few. seriously. true story* To watch Kieron die will break my heart, but to watch Jake be just effing brilliant will make me happy.

hmm. James Sutton. Is it wrong to be so happy for him to be leaving? Not in a thank god his out of there way, in a more. I just can't wait to see what he does next way. Cos I genuinely believe that man is going to do amazing things. There's sort of just something about him really. Well, whatever it is I'll be there watching whatever he does. *okay that sounded weird, I meant like TV shows and stuff* hahaha. He was in the show for two years? How quickly has that gone by? But yeah, he will be amazingly amazingly wondefully brilliantly wonderful.

So all in all, really happy this will soon be over. =)

ooh and random note. Guy and Jake working together? That made me smile SO much.

Ohh and I have to say massive thanks to Keri [ profile] oktoberskies for the JPK pics. She already knows how much I love them and how happy they made me, but still she deserves major cookies and cuddles. so go give her some =)

Thats all xx

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just another ramble from me. cos sometimes its nice to, you know?

Finished reading Breaking Dawn yesterday. And despite what I'd read about people's opinions on it. I actually really loved the book a lot. I have to say when I first started reading, I felt a bit disconnected from the characters since the last book, but I think this book is really where we saw the characters change the most and progress in a way if that makes any sense. My love for Jacob just grew by 100%. He was a character that I really didn't like to begin with but I am happy to say that I was totally wrong and he is just amazing. So yeah for me. Breaking Dawn=Fantastic. Go read the entire Twilight Series if you haven't already.

Ahhh Hollyoaks, Hollyoaks how you make me chuckle. I've been trying to not think about what's coming up next within the John Paul and Kieron storyline, because well I think all the people on my f-list who are fans of the show know exactly what is going to happen next. I realised they aren't back on the screens till the end of August and then two weeks later. Dun dun dunnn. My friend is coming round and we are going to sit and watch the dreaded episode together, and mostly likely cry like big girls. It's so strange how upset I feel about already. I was so excited for Craig coming back as well, but the dreaded spoiler seems to have even ruined that for me.

Having said that, I have loved watching JPK over the last few months, and right now I'm not even looking as to what peoples reactions have been to it, because well it might sound a bit rude, but I don't really care. I think it has been such a fantastic storyline, acted brilliantly by James Sutton and Jake Hendriks, its because of them that I have loved it so much. And we always knew that the likely hood of them having a happily ever after was unlikely, but that didn't stop me loving the two of them together. And what we do have left I have no doubts that it will be fantastic. I might even be able to enjoy Craigydoodles being back. I do hope so.

Good thing is, by the time that has all happened. One Tree Hill should be back on screens and from what I have heard about the new season I have lots of reasons to be smiling. At least one of my ships might get a happily ever after right? RIGHT? If not I am going to find Mark Schwan and hit him over the head with a banana.

Okies, thats enough from me. x
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this is pretty much just a random rant from me. and guess what its about... yes the wonderful *eurgh* spoilers about Hollyoaks this week. its all under a cut, because well some people, if you have been living on a different planet for the last few months, may have no idea what this is.

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I got back from staying with the parents on Wednesday, have to admit it was nice to have a little break away. Got to see my friends, and we had a nice family get together on the Sunday. Spent loads of time with my sister which is what I really wanted to do, cos I miss her so much. It's really nice to be back though, missed Laura and Emma, and I guess just doing my own thing.

Wanted to say thanks to everyone who replied to my last post as well, thanks for all the words and advice. The whole problem is still going on, and I don't really know what to do about it, I am just trying to not let it bother me.

My friend *who is amazing* just keeps telling me that I did nothing wrong, its kinda hard to believe when a lot of people seem to be out to make you feel like poo. But she's right, I didn't do anything wrong. I'm kinda annoyed at myself for letting it get to me so much, I usually am able to rise above this kinda stuff, so I don't know why I am finding this so hard.

Anyways, thats all really. Thanks again xx

OOOH. JPK tonight *thud* just amazing. I fall in love with them more and more everytime I watch them <3
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It's so weird, I feel really positive and happy this week. Things are still pretty much unsettled, but I don't know why I feel really happy and content in a bizarre weird way. I think maybe I had put so much pressure on what it was going to be like when I finally moved and when I got here, the reality just set in, and now things have settled slightly I am feeling heaps more positive about everything.

I stayed in tonight and watched Eurovision with my friend, it was hilarious as it is every year. The worrying thing is, I actually thought a majority of the acts were really good, I think perhaps I am going crazy. It's like tradition now for me and Ems to watch Eurovision together, I think what makes it so much fun is the alcohol.

Also a huge shout-out to everyone at JPKforums

I have been talking to some really amazing people over there for the last week, and I have to say they really are all a bunch of *crazy* yet amazing people. Major huggles to you all x

I think this is the most I have used this LJ for, for rants rather than icon posts, but I am looking forward to going back to Boston in a couple of weeks, just so I can make some art, and also download some new music onto my MP3 player.

Anyways thats all  xx
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just felt like leaving a bit of a ramble in here again. why not eh?
I am feeling a lot better than I was a few weeks ago thats for sure, I think I was just having one of those weeks when everything seemed to be going wrong. I decided I am going to go back and see Mum and Dad for a week and a bit at the start of June, I figure I might as well, that way I get to see them before my job starts and I get really busy. It means I'll get to see my sister and my friends too. Really can't wait to see Kellie & Caroline, I've missed them loads.

Watched Hollyoaks tonight. Have to say it was probably another one of my favourite episodes throughout the JPK storyline. I didn't think I'd like them together as much as I do, especially seeing as I was a huge JPC fan, I love them both equally <3 But most of all I love John Paul, lol sometimes he just does and says the wrong thing, but his heart is always in the right place and I love that about it him. xx

So for the hollyoaks fans on my f-list, I don't care if you are celebrating McDean Day, McHobbs Day, or TFI Friday Day, I just hope you all had a great day x I don't care who you ship - you are all awesome xx

I am going to see the movie Charlie Bartlett this weekend, because yay it finally got released in the UK after like a year lol. The lovely and amazing Tyler Hilton is in it, and I just am so excited to see him in this role, no doubt there will be another ramble from me about how amazing it was.

I watched 5x17 of OTH the other day too, have to say the LP IHY moment was hard to watch, Peyton's face pretty much broke my heart. I guess I would have liked more from it somehow, if there had been some build up, like the two of them talking at the bar or something. LOL at Deb and Skills, its wrong, but it actually kinda works =/

Anyways thats me out. xx

ooh just have to *squee* at the JPK ILY - it was just amazing, subtle, moving and real. x

JP & Kieron

Mar. 8th, 2008 12:38 pm
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Another promotion for a community!
I absolutely love them.
Join! Join!

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