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Jan. 27th, 2008 11:42 pm
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10 things that have made me happy recently. nabbed from [profile] dawn_e_h 

1. smudge and oscar - our two new lovely cats. they are still hiding away. (we've had them a day and a half) but its really nice to have cats in the house again. and they are just so cute.
2. my sister Shelley - for so many things. for being there yesterday when I had a shit day. and making me laugh so much. by going to the cinema buying pick and mix and saying "you pick it I'll mix it" by putting on a texan accent and shouting "you're my best friend" so so so so so many things. I love her.
3. torchwood - I LOVE the new season - SO much. the past episode I just fell in love with Ianto even more, he was so cute and funny. I really love the whole feel of the season so far.
4. the discovery of "twilight series" - gah I can't believe it took me so long to read this. and now I have I don't ever want to put those books down. But I have had too. *tear* my sister has twilight right now. and my friend has borrowed NM and Eclipse. I am actually sad that I don't have my copies with me LOL. oh dear new obsessions are frightening.
5. LP sneak peak 505 - gah. so won't say too much about it - just in case anyone reading doesn't want to be spoiled. but it was one of those things that made me really happy but really sad at the same time.
6. emma - she told me today she is going to buy season four of OTH for me for my birthday *love her*
7. music.  it always makes me happy. takes me away I guess. been listening to foo fighters a lot this week. and thanks  to shelley and all her old tunes  lol  I have some  songs that I hadn't heard in forever.
8. cadburys caramel eggs - I love this time of year. can't buy them any other time. so now is when I must stock up LMAO
9. writing - been doing a lot the last few days especially. its helps. very therapeutic.
10. re-reading harry potter - just started reading it from the beginning and for some reason I am so excited to be. I just love it. and I am SO excited about the new movie. HG <3


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